Basic Elements
Basic Elements

Basic Elements

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With our basic elements you can take your Instagram-Story to the next level ♥

The stickers are hand-painted with lots of love and you can easily save them on your phone and use them in your story or send them in messages.

With these stickers you will have even more fun creating your content.

So have fun downloading them and enjoy 111 different basic elements :)

NOTE: Click here to get the instruction how to install the story stickers.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at

Elements included:

- 7 colored text backgrounds
- 6 colored frames
- numbers from 0-9 and !, ?
- all months from january to december
- all weekdays from monday to sunday
- 4 different arrows
- 4x Good Morning
- 4 x Good Night
- before
- after
- 3x tap here
- 2x paw in hand 
- new
- To Do list
- 13x deco elements (hearts etc.)
- 2x text bubble
- 3x Yay
- 3x Wow
- 2x oh no
- 2x why
- 2x fail
- 2x oops
- 2x sound on
- 2x happy
- 3x happy day
- beautiful day
- happy weekend 
- not ready to start the day
- 2x day
- 2x ad
- discount code
- 2x swipe up